Interview on LA’s The Place with Justin Chon


If you don’t believe in overnight success stories, then you’ve never met Justin Chon. A southern California native and an avid surfer, Justin made his big splash as an actor only two years after graduating from USC, landing the role of quirky, basketball playing teen Tony Lee on Nickelodeon’s hit show Just Jordan.

Since his debut, Justin has been steadily working in film and television with credits on IMDB that read like a seasoned veteran. When he’s not filming, (which is rare these days), Justin is hard at work honing his craft with top acting coaches and acting classes. His hard work in such a short time has definitely paid off. And Hollywood is paying attention to this rising star recently cast in the eagerly anticipated vampire trilogy “Twilight” based on the popular novels by Stephanie Meyer.

Justin Chon’s crossover role from TV to film was in the Disney Channel tele-film, Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior as the title character’s older brother Peter Wu. His standout performance attracted the attention of top producers and directors and he recently starred in the Weinstein Company feature film “Crossing Over” directed by Wayne Kramer of “Running Scared” and “The Cooler.” The film also stars Harrison Ford, Sean Penn and Ray Liota. Not bad for a guy that still likes to eat at In-N-Out and finds free time to surf.

His other starring films include the comedy “Balls Out” (originally titled “Gary the Tennis Coach”) starring opposite Sean William Scott and Randy Quaid and the soon to be released comedy-horror flick “Hack” with Danica McKeller and William Forsythe.

Justin Chon


Born and raised in California, acting for Justin may have been in his genes. His father was a well-known TV and film actor in Korea, and his mother a pianist. Both have influenced Justin as he also plays several instruments including the guitar, piano, violin and the saxophone. Although he had originally planned to go into business, (his degree is in business administration), he decided to take some acting classes just for fun. He’s been working non-stop ever since and his success is partly due to his down-to-earth attitude and his willingness to take on challenging roles. Justin Chon is definitely a rising young star to watch with a long and bright future ahead of him.

In an exclusive interview with LATP’s MR Hunter, Justin talks about acting and his upcoming feature films.
MR Hunter: What led you to pursue acting?
Justin Chon: I decided it was the best job in the world.

MH: How much like your own life as a high school student in LA is similar to the life of your character, Tony Lee, in Nickelodeon’s Just Jordan?

JC: My own life is somewhat similar to Tony’s life. I would have to say that my life as a high schooler was way cooler than Tony’s.
MH: Can you tell us a little more about your starring role in the Weinstein produced film “Crossing Over”?
JC: I play a Korean immigrant who is having a hard time adjusting to American life.  He is very misguided and ends up with the wrong crowd in a strange new city, Los Angeles.

MH: What was it like working with such veteran actors as Harrison Ford, Sean Penn, and Ray Liota?
JC: We all have our own story lines so I really did not get to work with them that much.  Just being in the same film with these industry greats though is very humbling and educational.
MH: Who are some of your favorite actors?
JC: There are so many good actors today.  My favorite actors include Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo, and Johnny Depp.
MH: When you’re not acting, I hear you like to surf. What other things do you enjoy doing?
JC: When I’m not acting I enjoy hiking, watching movies, and playing the guitar.  Yes, I love to surf!
MH: Did you have to learn how to play tennis for your role in the film “Gary the Tennis Coach”?
JC: They have actually changed the name of the film to “Balls Out”.  Yes, I learned to play tennis.  We arrived 2 weeks early to get intensive tennis training.
MH: You start filming “Twilight” this month. Can you tell us more about your role and the films based on the books by Stephanie Meyer?
JC: I play a character named Eric.  He is a friend of the lead character and once again, I am playing a high school student.  We have not started filming yet and we are keeping the details about the film on the low down!  I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this cast.
MH: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to be an actor?
JC: If you want to be an actor you should learn the craft. Join a theater group and take classes before you start auditioning.  The most important thing is to love what you do!


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