Justin Chon Interview – Portrait Magazine

source: http://www.portraitmagazine.net/interviews/justinchon.html

Interview by Eleni
Interview date: September 2008
Name: Justin Chon
Career: Actor
IMDb Page: imdb.com/name/nm2014390
Myspace Page: www.myspace.com/justinchon
Official Site: www.justinchon.com
Justin/Twilight related fansites: Jackson-Rathbone.Org, Jackson Rathbone Online, Robert Pattinson Daily, Crepesculo Meyer, Pattinson Online, HisGoldenEyes, Robert Pattinson Online, Robert and Kristen, Twilight Series Theories, Twilighters Anonymous, Edward Cullen Online

Justin Chon

So you’re going to play the part of Eric in Twilight. What was the audition process like?
Well when I auditioned, I didn’t know too much about the book. I had read part of it but not a lot. I was aware of quite a few famous young actors auditioning for my role. Anyway I stayed the whole day and did about 3 or 4 auditions, and then I got a call-back where I did some improvisations and also I auditioned with Kristen. Slowly slowly we began auditioning in bigger groups and eventually we auditioned as a large group and it was everyone that got cast for the film. After that, I got offered the role.

Read Rest Of Interview here.

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