Justin Chon Interview from Bite of Twilight!

Alyssa from Bite of Twilight informed me that she had an interview with Justin in June and gave me the link to post the interview. 🙂 Thanks Alyssa!

source: http://www.biteoftwilight.com/2008/06/bite-of-twilights-first-ever-interview.html


Justin Chon Interview

Bite Of Twilight’s First Ever Interview with none other than the one and only Justin Chon!
Justin was nice enough to take the time out of his day to sit down and have a little online chat with us.
When we started the interview, we were thinking that it would take a day or two to get the answers back, but
he sent the complete interview back within two hours! Thanks, Justin! =]

BOT: So, how did it feel playing a “geek?”

JC–It felt fine….its not like being a geek is that bad…geeks are the ones who grow up to run the world.

BOT: Do you relate to Eric Yorkie in real life at all?

JC–Somewhat…I think he’s smarter than I am…

BOT: What was your favorite scene to shoot in “Twilight?”

JC–I think the favorite I scene I liked was the car accident.

BOT: Have you ever done anything similar to “Twilight”, or is it completely different from anything you’ve ever done before?

JC–It’s definitely completely different from anything I’ve previously done.

BOT: Have you read the books, and if so, how did you like them?

JC–I have read the first one…and I like it a lot.

BOT: Do you think Bella should be with your character? If not, who?

JC–Yes, I think Bella should be with my character..I don’t see why she would like ridiculously good looking, tall, model looking guys.

BOT: What was your favorite off-screen moment while shooting “Twilight?”

JC–My favorite moment was hanging out in the rain on the beach…it was quite pleasant.

BOT: What got you interested in “Twilight” in the first place?

JC–Well, I auditioned for the movie..and a friend had mentioned the books to me a while ago.

BOT: Who was your favorite character in the book?

JC–Of course my character…but besides him, I would have to say Edward.

BOT: If you could play any character in the book other than Eric Yorkie, who would it be, and why? (Gender Aside)

JC–I would play Mike..because he is such a nice, sweet guy…and I would like to think I’m somewhat like him…not.

BOT: When you signed for “Twilight”, did you expect it to be as big as it has become?

JC–No, I had no idea the following was this insane..but it was a pleasant surprise.

BOT: Who is your role model when it comes to your career?

JC–I would have to say Robert Downey Jr…he’s never predictable.

BOT: Are you for Team Edward or Team Jacob?

JC–Team Edward!

BOT: What was your favorite book out of the series, and why?

JC–I like the first one because you are becoming familiar to a brand new world.

BOT: What is your favorite brand of cereal? =]

JC–Frosted Flakes

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