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Posted on | November 29, 2008 |

OMFG, I loved loved loved this movie.  I really didn’t know what to expect since I haven’t read the books (yet) and have been reading really mixed reviews.

Obviously it’s a love story between Bella and Edward (Robert Pattison, who the entire world is making such a big fuss over) and like seriously, I have never ever wanted a vampire boyfriend until today.  But knowing me and my luck in love, he’d kill me.

Anyway, this movie made me feel creepy at times especially when Edward would do his whole staring thing– ohh, very not sexy.   But the parts where him and Bella are together and you saw the different sides of the relationship… the cuteness, the chemistry, the sexual tension… OMFG.

There were parts in the movie where I couldn’t contain my wanting them to make out!  Like.. full on make out session– but alas, they couldn’t because poor Edward would probably desire her so much he’d wanna eat her up!  So he controls it because of his love for Bella.  SIIIGH.  This was definitely a sexy ass movie, but like.. with no sex.

As for eye candy, this movie had a TON of it. The hot jock, Peter Facinelli from “Can’t Hardly Wait” being the big daddy of the Cullen clan, another dude who was hot was Taylor Lautner who plays werewolf boy Jacob (Yum, long hair and from Summerland!).  Mm, but my favorite was of course the token asian played by Justin Chon (haha, chon), he was soo kawaii and has a killer smile.  Someone who I’ve always hated since The O.C. was also present, the dude who played Volchok.. HMPH!

I seriously enjoyed this movie 100%, I already can’t wait for parts 2-4!

My Rating: 5/5 stars

BTW– I saw the Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince movie and I CANNOT WAITTTTT FOR THAT!!!!

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