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Enjoy this new interview with Justin with Stacy Sutphen. Thank you Anthony for the link!

The Rising Star Weekly, by Stacy Sutphen, Feb 2nd, 2009. This weeks Star Justin Chon

February 4, 2009 12:19 AM Stacy Sutphen
<SMALL>STACY SUTPHEN, Los Angeles Correspondent</SMALL>

STACY SUTPHEN, Los Angeles Correspondent

Last week I got to chat it up with Justin Chon over the phone, star of Twilight, Crossing Over and Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach. And what an enjoyable conversation it was. He was extremely articulate, smart and funny. If I were sitting across from him, I would have reached out and pinched his cheeks repeatedly! Now I’m sure there are many adoring Twilight fans dying to know what Justin, who plays Eric in the cult phenomenon, had to say! So check out the Q&A below and find out for yourselves. Enjoy!

Justin Chon


STACY: When did you first realize that you wanted to be an actor?

JUSTIN: I didn’t realize that I wanted to become an actor until I graduated USC with a business degree. I never thought it was possible to become an actor in the United States being that I’m Asian, but then I started doing some acting here and there and realized this is something I want to do professionally.

STACY: You have a business degree from USC? That’s very impressive.

JUSTIN: Yeah, it comes in handy for me because I own two shoe stores in Los Angeles, in addition to being a full time actor.

STACY: So not only are you a full time actor, have a business degree and own two shoe stores, but I hear you also play musical instruments and sing.

JUSTIN: Yeah. I play the piano, guitar, ukulele, violin and I sing. That’s it. (Laugh).

STACY: That’s it? (Laugh) That’s amazing. Should we be expecting a Justin Chon album any time soon?

JUSTIN: (Laugh). Well right now I just want to focus on my acting career. But I do write songs and I enjoy being artistic and creative, but I don’t think I want to make a career out of it. At least not right now.

STACY: Do you remember your very first audition?

JUSTIN: Oh my god yes! It auditioned to be a gang-banger for the Shield on FX. It was so funny because I thought I did an awesome job. In reality I didn’t realize how green and crappy I was. The feedback my agent received from the Casting Director was not so good. They said I was horrible! (Laughing hysterically).

STACY: (Laughing Hysterically)- That’s harsh. So what did you do to better yourself as an actor? How did you get back in the game?

JUSTIN: I got back in the game (Laugh) by realizing my sense of reality was not the same as other’s sense of reality (Laugh). So I started working on my craft and taking classes. There are different styles of acting for Film, TV and Theater. And I had to figure those things out and learn how to apply those different techniques to my auditions and performances.

STACY: When you auditioned for the role of Eric In Twilight did you read the books before hand in order to prepare yourself for the audition?

JUSTIN: Yes I read the book and researched my role. I’m a huge fan of preparing for stuff as much as possible because there are so many things that are out of your control, that when you have things that are in your control, you should take advantage of them.

STACY: So after starring in Twilight do you notice a string of young girls following you around now?

JUSTIN: (Laugh) You know I always thought I was such a dork! I think it’s a great honor to have the fans that I have and I’m totally enjoying the experience. But I don’t think I get recognized a lot because I don’t look the same in person as I do on screen. I look totally different in real life and nothing like my character in Twilight.

STACY: I think you’re just being modest. So you have starred in various projects and have two movies coming out this year, Crossing Over and Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach. Which role was the most challenging to play and what did you learn from the experience?

JUSTIN: The most challenging role I played was in Crossing Over. I played a Korean kid who migrates to America right when he is going through his teenage angst. I had to perform with an accent and I lost twenty- five pounds for the role. What I learned from the experience is how living in this country and being an American Citizen is such a huge privilege. I grew up in CA my whole life and I never realized just how lucky I was and how great we have it. So many people come here and struggle just to achieve the American Dream.

STACY: Do you have any advice for those who are thinking about becoming an actor?

JUSTIN: My main advice to give to an aspiring actor is to study your craft and become the best actor you can become, before you start to pursue it professionally. Become a professional before you pursue a professional acting career.

STACY: Save yourself from having a Shield moment (Laugh).

JUSTIN: (Laughing hysterically) Exactly!

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