Justin Chon Interview with Ningin.com!

Although you know Twilight’s Justin Chon as human Eric Yorkie, I’m happy to say that the humanity doesn’t stop there. After chatting with him yesterday for a few minutes he’s easily made it on my list of super down-to-earth people. That my friends, is a good list to be on. Aside from earning a spot on that list, he was able to dish on the upcoming New Moon movie and fill us in on what he’s been up to since we last chatted. A few times, he even turned the tables on me by asking me questions. JI: I understand you’ve recently attended the Pusan International Film Festival. Can you tell me about your experience and what you did there?

JC: I’d like to say that I felt out of place a little, I don’t know why they invited me. I felt like an outsider.

JI: Why is that?

JC: I don’t know, I just didn’t feel like I was a part of ‘the club’ or whatever. Everyone there had their own team and I thought it’d be okay if I went by myself… and um, it wasn’t okay.

JI: I’m sorry to hear about that.

JC: Yeah, it’s okay. I mean that’s just the way they do business there. Actually I learned a lot, I learned a lot about how they operate over there– I realized that I truly love working in America.

JI: Speaking of America, New Moon will be premiering soon. How are you prepping yourself for the madness?

JC: Absolutely no preparation at all.

JI: You’re just going to walk in there and be cool?

JC: What’s there to prepare for? I’ll uh…get a suit. I’ll uh…get a suit and on the day of I’ll show up with [my publicist] Anthony and we’ll… watch the movie. I think that’s the best preparation I can do.

JI: So, no emotional preparation? The premiere last year looked pretty crazy from what I’ve seen.

JC: What kind of preparation would you do?

JI: I think I would do a little yoga, call on Jesus and ask people to pray for me.

JC: Yeah, I think that’s actually a very good idea. I think I’ll have people pray for me too.

JI: With the success of Twilight going from being an indie film to a massive franchise, how has this affected your experience of filming New Moon?

JC: Not much at all. A movie set is a movie set, the only thing that’s different is they’re just a lot more protective with the people and they have umbrellas so photographers can’t take pictures. You know, the only thing that’s affected is personal freedom. You can’t just walk off the set and smoke a cigarette anymore and they have to know where you are at all times. They set up these black walls everywhere so you can’t escape the set. But other than that, filming-wise, filming is the same. Just a different director. There’s differences in those terms but with that, in terms of the work, it’s the same.

JI: As I’ve mentioned earlier, a handful of our readers including myself are Orange County natives, has life here changed fo—

JC: Didn’t you say you were from Rowland Heights or the San Gabriel Valley?

JI: I’m actually from Anaheim.

JC: Anaheim! My dad has a store on Ball and Chapman, The Mega Shoe Factory.

JI: I totally know where that is! I’ll check it out sometime when I need shoes.

JC: What high school did you go to?

JI: Orange High.

JC: Awesome. I went to University High in Irvine.

JI: Cool deal. So, has life here changed for you since Twilight happened?

JC: Life — I mean, in some ways, yeah. Like I get to travel a lot. Ya know, once in awhile I get recognized for something. But uh, yeah, I’ve been traveling a lot. In the last year I got to go to Paris, uh Spain, France…(laughs)haha Paris is in France, London, Florida, Korea, New York, Vancouver, Washington, Arizona, Australia, Chicago –twice…I think that’s it.

JI: Of those places, which place did you enjoy the most?

JC: Paris. Ya know what, I honestly thought I wouldn’t love Mona, I’d love Italy but uh…that’s not the case. I thought the French in France would be a bunch of high-nosed rude people, but that’s not the case. If you’re overly nice to them, they treat you with just as much respect. I think they’re just used to American people coming in and poo-poo-ing on sh**. And uh, they just don’t like that. So if you’re really nice, they’re nice to you. The thing I love about Paris was that it’s big city, but it has a really calm attitude. Everyone is just really chill and quiet. Not wild,

JI: Or frantic…

JC: Which I also love! But at the same time it’s fast paced. The subway doors opens before the car even stops — you get to where you’re going and once you get there, you relax. And I really like how everyone is into their own thing and not staring you. I remember I was on the train and some girls were screaming a song — no one gave a sh**. They just let them be teenagers, and no one was trying to reprimand them. Well, people laughed but it was awesome.

JI: What’s next on your list of places to travel to?

JC: I’m going to be back in Paris next week for a signing.

JI: For a Twilight convention?

JC: Yeah, me and a bunch of the other Twilight cast members usually do these conventions where we go to places and sign autographs. So, I’m looking forward to that because ::French accent:: I love Pareee.

JI: What other upcoming projects do you have in store?

JC: Nothing, just Twilight. After that, I’m going back to the drawing board and going to pilot season. I’m re-energized to be an artist and be kind of done with Twilight.

JI: I think that’s more than enough for now.

JC: Do you?

JI: Twilight seems like a lot in itself!

JC: Yeah! The thing is, I’m at a good chapter in my life but I think it’s time to expand the horizons you know. It’s been like, what…two and a half years?

JI: Wow. And more to come, right?

JC: Uh yeah…well, I don’t really know. Did they make an announcement about the fourth book? I don’t think they’ve officially announced the fourth movie. I don’t know if I’ll be in it, because I was only signed up for the first three. And obviously as you go further in the series, my part gets smaller. By the fourth book, I know I could possibly be at Edward and Bella’s wedding. There’s one other scene in one of Bella’s dreams where all the human kids are like, dead.

JI: Have you read the entire Twilight series?

JC: Yeah, it’s part of the job. But umm, I’ve heard some crazy things about what’s planned for the series. I’m not allowed to say what exactly, but they’re trying to do other stuff. But yeah, I think I’m ready to — My dream right now is…I’ve done like the films… okay I guess I should say I’ve done a franchise but now one of my dreams is to do a TV show.

JI: What sort of TV show?

JC: ANYTHING. I want to do something like The Office, or even 30 Rock, or a drama. Like Lost, or action like Heroes or something like that. Or just like any other actor’s dreams, I’d like to be on HBO. HBO or Showtime, I wouldn’t mind being on one of those networks.

JI: I wouldn’t mind seeing you on one of those networks.

JC: Yeah that would be amazing. You should petition for me! Oh man, that would be my dream right now. Plus, I could stay in LA and have a normal place to stay and I could budget knowing how much money is coming in.

JI: What’s one thing about you that you’d like people to know?

JC: I’m actually very shy.

JI: You, shy? I find that hard to believe.

JC: See that’s why you don’t know that one.

JI: Why do you think you’re very shy?

JC: Um why? I don’t know, I get really self-concious, I guess. I uh, lemme see how do I explain this…When I get in groups of big people I don’t know, like big groups, I tend to shut down. It seems like I’m out there or whatever, but that’s not an actor because I’m allowed to. So when the cameras turn on, I’m allowed to be out there. But if you ever see me at a party or whatever, I just can’t do it. You can ask [my publicist]Anthony and Anthony freakin’ hates it. We’ll go to a social mixer or somewhere you’re supposed to network…I can’t do that stuff. See that’s the thing, what you see on the movies or TV, you would think, “Oh my god, he seems like so much fun to hang out with!” Well yeah, if you’re a good friend of mine, hell yeah we would have a ton of fun. I’d be really free and speak my mind, but if it’s like a bunch of people I don’t know I get self-concious because I think about what are these people going to think about me? Am I going to say the wrong thing? I just start thinking things and it just pollutes the mind. That’s the big thing that people don’t know about me.

JI: I’m kind of shocked!

JC: Don’t be shocked, just accept.

JI: You’re so human it hurts.

JC: (laughs.) I’m very human. I’m extremely human. I’m no different from you or anyone.

JI: Lastly, is there anything you’d like our readers to know?

JC: Thanks. Tell them thanks. Thanks for reading the article. They need to visit this site and support Ningin. [Jinra,] you’re Orange County-based. I’m even more supportive of it because that’s mah hood!

JI: Represent!

JC: Hell yeah! Big-ups to Garden Grove, (laughs). I was born in Garden Grove Hospital.

JI: Yeah, that’s totally my stompin’ ground.

JC: (Proceeds to list every city and street in all of Orange County.) …Tell your readers to visit my clothing store, The Attic. Have you been before? Starting in January, I will be there everyday.

JI: Starting in January you’re going to be there EVERY day?

JC: Yeah, tell them that. Just like that, “Starting in January, Justin will be there every day, so come kick it!”

JI: You can promise that to our readers?

JC: Yeah. Most of the days, yeah. I want to put more time into the store.

JI: That’s really nice of you.

JC: Well it is my business so I should be there, haha. As you know, I’m glad — seriously that’s the thing — I’m glad now that Twilight’s done, there’s so many more things I can do now, ya know?

JI: Yeah, you definitely have a lot going on for you, Justin.

JC: Yeah, I can totally tell that you’re trying to wrap up this conversation.

JI: Haha! What? Why do you say that?

JC: (laughs) Because you said, “Yeah, I can tell you got a lot of stuff going on with you Justin.” (continues mocking)…Well, you know, I hope everything keeps going good and you know we’ll keep track of your career and um you know, we really appreciate you talking to us. So uh, I guess we’ll talk to you next time! Is that what you were gonna say?

JI: Why you gotta play your fellow Orange County native like that, Justin?

JC: Hahaha I’m just speakin’ the truth, you know? I say it like I see it. It’s my duty to other Orange County-ians.

JI: That should be a word.

JC: Orange County-ian?

JI: Yeah!

JC: I’m going to make a shirt that says, “Orange County-ian.”

JI: You totally should. I would wear it every day, starting in January.

JC: (laughs) Well, I’ll be at The Attic starting January, almost everyday. Just as long as I don’t have an audition, come by, stop by, say hi.

JI: Alright, since I know you’re busy, I’ll let you go. Again, than—

JC: Aiite.

JI: Huh?

JC: Aiiiite, girl. Aiiite, Jinra.

Aiite guys, be sure to check out Justin’s clothing store The Attic. Live in Orange County or San Diego? Visit the official site for exact location details. And remember, starting in January, Justin will be at The Attic everyday. (As long as he doesn’t have an audition.)

Twilight’s sequel, New Moon will hit US theaters Nov. 20.


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