Live Interview Tonight w/ Justin Chon on!

Don’t forget to join the live interview on Tuesday, November 17th on the site, at 7:00 pm PST.   Justin will also Present and Award to the Editor and Chief of US Weekly Magazine at the prestigious KoreAm Magazine Gala on Saturday, November 21st in Los Angeles.

I will be late to the chat, but I’ll try to join as well (i have to work) 😦

  • Date: Tuesday, November 17th 2009
  • Time: 7:00pm
  • City: KoreAm Live in Justin Chon
  • Venue:
  • Country: US
  • Age restrictions: All Ages

7 Responses to “Live Interview Tonight w/ Justin Chon on!”

  1. Hey !! I’m a French girl, and I love your site and Justin ❤

    Please, answer me !
    And come on my blog !

    Sorry, I'm a bit crazy lol

    Bye & sorry for my english I'm 14 =)

  2. thank you very much

    and sorry I can not stop the live interview because in France, 7 pm = 1 am, and tomorrow I courses. I’m sorry.


  3. Sorry, I would say, tomorrow I go to school =)

    PS : Always sorry for my english =s

  4. Do you see the video, where Justin says “Je t’aime !” Je t’aime would say I love You, in French, he’s so cute ❤

    Have a good day too =)

  5. HELLO! Justin actually had a last minute audition so the live chat is now at 9PM pacific time!! hopefully you can tune in for the whole thing now! =]

  6. Thank for the message =)
    The live chat was good ?

    PS : sorry, my english is always ba =S

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