New Moon Stars Enjoy Whirlwind of Fame

“He gave all of us a phone call, which is so courteous and respectful,” said Chon, who plays Bella’s classmate Eric alongside Serratos’ Angela.

“Also, he made all of us binders full of information of what he was going to do, getting us all on the same page about what kind of world he was trying to convey and so he really stepped it up,” Chon said. “He really spent extra time so that we would all be in the same communication loop.”

As for the movie’s apparent worldwide appeal, Serratos suggests it brings back faith in love while Chon says it provides escapism, excitement and forbidden love with a classic bad boy. Reed says the Bella-Edward bond is obsessive, co-dependent (but not in a bad way) and blissfully youthful.

Although they play mere humans, which means far less time in the makeup chair, Chon and Serratos are approached by fans with questions and photo requests. Most frequently asked: “Where’s Rob?”

Hiding in his hotel room, most likely.

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