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Wrapped: Rock Jocks

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Justin recently wrapped an independent film called Rock Jocks.

The synopsis pulled from Collider for the movie is:

A secret band of overworked government employees spend their night shift fighting off boredom and a meddling bureaucrat hell-bent on shutting them down, while defending the world from an onslaught of asteroids. Rock Jocks is a honest, edgy and quirky comedy that offers an unorthodox glimpse into the universal truths that arise out of the basic human condition.


Here is the IMDB info on this as well as the teaser poster.

Starring: Andrew Bowen, Felicia Day, Gerry Bednob, Jason Mewes, & Justin Chon

for full cast & crew click here.



New Movie Project: Detention of the Dead

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Justin will soon be wrapping up filming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  His new project will be a zombie movie called Detention of the Dead.

Here is what they have on IMDB now.

Will post more when I get a chance!

Justin’s Upcoming Movie Project!!!

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Straight from Anthony:


Justin Chon, best known for the role of Eric Yorkie in the “Twilight” films has signed on to co-star in, “From The Rough” by producer Michael J. Critelli and producer/director Pierre Bagley.  The film also stars Taraji P. Henson and Michael Clarke Duncan.  Production on the film begins in October in Louisiana. Review of “TURBO”

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Say what you will about the “Twilight” explosion of the last year – and everybody seems to have an opinion on whether the phenomenon is awesome or annoying – but even the haters should have a hard time complaining about how many of the franchise’s stars are using their newfound power to help young filmmakers. Jackson Rathbone has been hard at work on flicks like “Girlfriend,” Robert Pattinson has been able to bring a wider audience to quirky indies like “Little Ashes” and “How to Be,” and now comes the latest boost from Justin Chon.“Check out this short film i did with a friend from USC,” Justin Tweeted Wednesday night, posting a link to a vimeo page with an impressive 20-minute-long film called “Turbo.” Also on the page is the trailer, both of which were posted by the film’s director Jarrett Lee Conaway.

In the flick, Chon plays Hugo Park, a teenage fast-food slinger in a futuristic world much like ours – but with far more advanced gaming. The video game of the day is “Super Turbo Arena 2,” a sleek “Street Fighter”-like battle simulation. But instead of controllers or a mouse, the players stand in front of a sleek screen, wear sunglasses and move around on top of a “Dance Dance Revolution”-like floor that reflects their every step on screen. Each participant plays as a highly-stylized badass fighter – and Hugo has modeled his own after his wheelchair-bound older brother with hopes of winning enough money to “fix his back.”

Battling a braggart named Shamus (David Lehre) and a hottie who goes by the name Ruse (Alice Hunter), Hugo works his way through the competition one battle at a time. Finally, Hugo and Shamus square off in a final battle where they have to play as themselves, with the host telling them: “You can’t hide behind your avatars any longer.”

Described on the site as being in the tradition of “The Karate Kid” and “Tron,” the flick is an impressive mix of the two. Conaway is a young director with limited funds, so it’s really saying something that his short film is better-looking (and smarter) than recent, similarly-themed duds like “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li” and “Dragonball Evolution.” Although set in the non-specific future, and highly stylized at times, “Turbo” hits a lot of gaming themes spot-on – right down to its fighters battling in arenas on beaches and in the desert.

You can bet that next time we track down Justin, we’ll be sure to ask him about the cool little flick – and whether he and Conaway would ever turn it into a full-length endeavor. But in the meantime, be sure to go check it out and let us know what you think down below.

”Turbo” the movie? Are you feeling it?

Watch “Turbo” on Vimeo!

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Justin posted this on his twitter just a few ago!

@justinchon check out this short film i did with a friend from usc

Jarrett Lee Conaway the director of “Turbo” and friend of Justin Chon posted the movie on Vimeo for you all to watch! Please check it out!! I’m watching right now and it looks good so far!!!


Summit Announces Eclipse Cast!

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Vancouver, BC – August 18, 2009 – Summit Entertainment announced today that it has commenced principal photography on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE directed by David Slade (30 DAYS OF NIGHT, HARD CANDY) from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will reprise their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and Jacob Black. The third film in the studio’s TWILIGHT film franchise based on Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster book series, will be released theatrically in North America on Wednesday, June 30, 2010.

Along with director David Slade, several new actors are joining the TWILIGHT family including Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria, Xavier Samuel as Riley, Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria, Jack Huston as Royce King, Julia Jones as Leah, BooBoo Stewart as Seth, and Jodelle Ferland as Bree.

Also continuing in the saga as The Cullen Family are Ashley Greene as Alice, Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Kellan Lutz as Emmett, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, and Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. Billy Burke also returns as Charlie Swan. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is filming on location in Vancouver, BC.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE brings back members of the Quileute Indian Nation; the classmates of Bella and Edward; and the legendary Volturi, a venerable coven of vampires who weigh and impose the laws of the vampire world. A cast list for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE appears at the end of this document.

Melissa Rosenberg wrote the scripts for all three films in The TWILIGHT film series.


Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black

Cullen Family
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen
Peter Facinelli as Dr. Carlisle
Elizabeth Reaser as Esme Cullen
Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale

Wolf Pack
Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley
Bronson Pelletier as Jared
Alex Meraz as Paul
Kiowa Gordon as Embry Call
Tyson Houseman as Quil Ateara

Other Quileutes
Gil Birmingham as Billy Black
Tinsel Korey as Emily

Nomad Vampires
Bryce Dallas Howard as Victoria

Cameron Bright as Alec
Charlie Bewley as Demetri
Daniel Cudmore as Felix
Dakota Fanning as Jane

Additional Returning Cast Members
Billy Burke as Charlie Swan
Sarah Clarke as Renee Dwyer
Anna Kendrick as Jessica
Michael Welch as Mike
Christian Serratos as Angela
Justin Chon as Eric

New Cast Members
Xavier Samuel as Riley
Catalina Sandino Moreno as Maria
Jack Huston as Royce King
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater
BooBoo Stewart as Seth Clearwater
Jodelle Ferland as Bree


Celebuzz Interview with Justin Chon!

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Here is an excerpt from an interview with Justin from celebuzz! Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Photo Credit: Celebuzz

Is he happy?  By all accounts and direct quotes “yes”.  Is this the last stop on a heck of a wild ride?  “ah no” (another direct quote)

When we did enter the “Twilight Zone” and discuss the movie’s phenomenal success- Chon was insightful as usual.  “Twilight has mass appeal because it speaks to universal truths…Life, love, loneliness and the ever magnetic pull of immortality.”  How does he feel about such a diverse fan base?  “I love my fans, they are considerate, gentle, caring and yeah it does nice things for the ego now and again…”  And who wouldn’t mind a little ego boost from time to time?

As the interview came to a close I was shocked to see nearly 30 minutes had passed.  Not only did it feel like no time at all, but in Justin’s whirlwind existence 30 minutes of HIS “downtime” is quite a precious gift.

With a promise for a “sequel” to this interview and a “stay cool bro” from Justin, it closed with just enough time left to confirm from the source

  1. Single
  2. Looking
  3. Employed

This guy is the Holy Grail ladies!

Thanks Justin you are truly a STAR…

NOTE:  That pic is a “never before seen”  YA saw [on their site] folks so tell your friends to follow [them] at @celebbuzzz

Read The Rest Of The Of The Story Here!