Dexter Interviews Justin Chon!

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Sorry I’ve been behind in news for Justin, I’ve just been so busy with life, and work that I haven’t had time to do updates. I will try to do some when I can and hope everyone is having a great beginning of the week! 🙂

Korean Herald – Justin Chon Interview

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With dark patches under his eyes, Justin Chon sunk down into a La-Z boy position at the guest lounge of the Grand Intercontinental Hotel for an afternoon chitchat.

His disposition was more Al Bundy than the hyper-active comic relief Eric Yorkie in the Twilight franchise.

It was also a look all too familiar for anyone who has lived and worked here for a considerable period and all signs pointed towards late night binge drinking.


He was quick to throw that assumption out the window.

“No, man that’s not it. I quit drinking a little over a month ago. Drinking and smoking,” he said massaging his jaws.

“I think I slept last night with my jaws clenched.”

It was the last day of his weeklong visit to Korea during which he made the rounds with some of the biggest talent and entertainment companies to check out what they had on offer for him.

“I’m trying to get a feel for the local industry and what my opportunities are and what I can do here,” he said.

“The fact I got to meet with Yu Ji-tae was amazing. He came to a party I was having in Itaewon and, for me, that was like Leonardo DiCaprio showing up. … He came by to say what’s up and I was like what the hell?”

After five years of working in Hollywood, the 29-year-old Orange County native with the boyish charm has become something of a veteran.

He’s done everything from network sitcoms, independently produced passion projects, portraying an Asian gangster – an unwritten rite of passage for any young Asian actor in Tinseltown – and being part of the billion-dollar Twilight franchise.

Chon, for the lack of a better word, has become a seasoned pro.

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Justin Needs You To Help Support CPAF! Please vote!

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What if all it took to help a charity raise $1 million was a simple online vote? Would you help then? The Center for the Pacific Asian Family hopes so, as the nonprofit competes with 99 other charities in the Chase Community Giving contest on Facebook.

CPAF, which helps Asian Pacific Islanders who have been victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, has lined up some impressive supporters for its star-powered public service announcements, including actor Justin Chon from the Twilight films. Other CPAF supporters include John Cho (Star Trek), Sandra Oh (Grey’s Anatomy), Aaron Yoo (21, Disturbia), Archie Kao (CSI), Joe Hahn (Linkin Park) and Lisa Ling (Oprah).

The Chase Community Giving contest, with its social media angle and the involvement of so many celebrities, is a great way to get some attention to organizations like Center for the Pacific Asian Family, which runs a 24-hour support line, emergency and transitional shelters, and counseling services for victims and their families. All it takes to help out is a vote, whether it’s for CPAF or one of the other 99 charities. It won’t cost you a dime. Winners will be announced Saturday.

To find out more about CPAF and its mission, I shot off some questions to Chon. The queries were handed to a film crew that filmed the actor’s responses. Check out the video above for some firsthand insight into the charity as well as some Twilight: Eclipse tidbits for Twihards.

Justin will be attending the Palm Springs Film Festival in January!

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Credit: Richard Chavez

“Justin Chon will be walking the Red Carpet on Tuesday, January 5th at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Grand Opening Night Gala!”

Black Tie Awards Gala
Showing: Tuesday, January 05, 5:00 PM
Running Time: 180 Minutes
Theater: Palm Springs Convention Center

Justin Chon Interviews Muse!

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Justin was guest interviewer and blogger for MTV this week! Check out his blog on

Also check out the video on the blog to see the interview!!!