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Justin Chon in J-14!

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source: J-14

Q&A with Twilight’s Justin Chon

J-14 caught up with Justin Chon who plays Eric Yorkie in The Twilight Saga movies — and he spilled about awkward moments with Kristen Stewart, being stalked by paparazzi, and the musical cast of Twilight!

J-14: In Twilight, did you draw from your own high school experience to flirt with Bella Swan in the cafeteria?
Justin Chon: Of course. As an actor you’re always trying to draw from real stuff to make it real, but I would say in acting terms, you use like substitutions and you think back to the moment. I just tried to make him as awkward as possible and just overly excited about everything.

J-14: What was it like flirting with Kristen Stewart?
Justin: Her character is just really awkward. So you put two really awkward people together and it’s just a really funny thing to see them try and have a fluid conversation.

J-14: What was your reaction to all of the paparazzi at the airport when you landed in Vancouver?
Justin: The paparazzi were a total surprise. I think there’s a picture of me with my mouth open. It’s really pretty funny because I just had no idea what was going on. And I asked Anna [Kendrick], “Wait are they taking pictures of us?” We just had no idea and then we realized they were taking pictures of us and we were just like, “Whoa!”

J-14: You’re a musician — and so are Rob Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, and Nikki Reed… what was it like working with such a musical cast?
Justin: It’s kind of weird because everyone is like, “Oh yeah! I play guitar!” And then for me, I just didn’t even tell anybody. I was just like, “Yeah, I guess everyone plays the guitar so maybe I shouldn’t say anything because it doesn’t make me special.”


For more The Twilight Saga: New Moon dish from Justin Chon… including what he said about Rob Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone‘s music, pick up J-14 Magazine on stands now!

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Entertainment Network Premiere Video from Twilight Premiere!

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Sweet I got some video of Justin from the Entertainment Network Premiere!!! Yay!

Check out the video!

‘Twilight’ Gets Fresh Blood With Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon

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Anna KendrickBy now, you may have noticed that our recently posted “Twilight” interview has made MTV Movies Blog history with more than 700 fan comments! After all the news we’ve broken about superheroes, Harry Potter and Corey Haim (OK, maybe not him), suffice it to say we were floored by all the die-hard fans who are obviously eager to discuss the flick, which doesn’t even begin shooting until later this month.

Now we’ve got some exclusive casting news to once again stir the pot: Up-and-coming actors Anna Kendrick (”Rocket Science”) and Justin Chon (”Just Jordan”) have been cast as Jessica Stanley and Eric Yorkie, respectively. Head on over to the MTV Movies site for all that news, plus fresh quotes from Kristen on why “Twilight” ain’t no kiddie flick.

More casting announcements are expected to be made in the next few weeks, including the key roles of Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Emily Young and Alice Cullen.

Which actors would you cast in these pivotal “Twilight” roles? Keep the comments coming, and be sure to check back with us throughout the casting and filming, as we’ll continue to bring you everything on Edward and Bella!