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Wrapped: Rock Jocks

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Justin recently wrapped an independent film called Rock Jocks.

The synopsis pulled from Collider for the movie is:

A secret band of overworked government employees spend their night shift fighting off boredom and a meddling bureaucrat hell-bent on shutting them down, while defending the world from an onslaught of asteroids. Rock Jocks is a honest, edgy and quirky comedy that offers an unorthodox glimpse into the universal truths that arise out of the basic human condition.


Here is the IMDB info on this as well as the teaser poster.

Starring: Andrew Bowen, Felicia Day, Gerry Bednob, Jason Mewes, & Justin Chon

for full cast & crew click here.



New Movie Project: Detention of the Dead

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Justin will soon be wrapping up filming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  His new project will be a zombie movie called Detention of the Dead.

Here is what they have on IMDB now.

Will post more when I get a chance!

‘Twilight’ Gets Fresh Blood With Anna Kendrick, Justin Chon

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Anna KendrickBy now, you may have noticed that our recently posted “Twilight” interview has made MTV Movies Blog history with more than 700 fan comments! After all the news we’ve broken about superheroes, Harry Potter and Corey Haim (OK, maybe not him), suffice it to say we were floored by all the die-hard fans who are obviously eager to discuss the flick, which doesn’t even begin shooting until later this month.

Now we’ve got some exclusive casting news to once again stir the pot: Up-and-coming actors Anna Kendrick (”Rocket Science”) and Justin Chon (”Just Jordan”) have been cast as Jessica Stanley and Eric Yorkie, respectively. Head on over to the MTV Movies site for all that news, plus fresh quotes from Kristen on why “Twilight” ain’t no kiddie flick.

More casting announcements are expected to be made in the next few weeks, including the key roles of Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Emily Young and Alice Cullen.

Which actors would you cast in these pivotal “Twilight” roles? Keep the comments coming, and be sure to check back with us throughout the casting and filming, as we’ll continue to bring you everything on Edward and Bella!